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Stephen J. Henne, VP of National Catholic Passes Away at Age 63

The 29th Annual National Catholic Winter Meeting

The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL

January 26 – January 28, 2020
TNCRRG Stock Schedules for National Catholic Shareholders are now available

The Annual Shareholder Meeting is Sunday September 29, 2019

 National Catholic appoints New Episcopal Moderator

 and Director

National Catholic is  pleased to announce the appointment of  Bishop Robert P. Deeley, J.C.D., of the Diocese of Portland, Maine as our Episcopal Moderator and Director.

   Bishop Deeley will offer our organization guidance on pastoral, practical, and moral theology issues. In addition, Bishop Deeley has also been elected as a member of National Catholic’s Board of Directors. Both appointments are effective June 24, 2019. Bishop Deeley’s term as a director will be for three years. Bishop Deeley will also be the liaison to bishops from dioceses that are policyholder-shareholders of National Catholic. He will be available to listen to any concerns they might have and facilitate discussions on matters of importance to them regarding their liability insurance. National Catholic is also the originator and provider of the VIRTUS© Programs, the leading child protection and safe environment program to Catholic organizations in the United States. Bishop Deeley will also be available to any of his fellow bishops on matters involving VIRTUS.

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